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MPOWER founded by Qualified Technocrats and professionally organized to render Energy services, Products and Projects.

The crucial need for conservation of Energy coupled with the responsibility of every human to combat Global warming was the driving force and the motivation for MPOWER in developing effective Energy Conservation solutions through its Products and Services. With its team of qualified Scientists and Engineers, Mpower thus started a vigorous drive towards Process Development which involved relentless efforts of Research & Development Team to develop product lines which were superior to the existing products in the market as well as be more cost effective.

The company is now a specialist in fuels which include Petroleum Fuel oils, Coal and Coal products and Alternative Energy sources viz.Bio-diesel for meeting the Energy requirements of Industries and in Power plants. Mpower Fuels are scientifically developed and standardized which not only offer higher fuel efficiency but also lower pollution during the combustion process in Boilers, Furnaces, Power plants and Diesel Generators. All of the company's products are scientifically produced through its State of Art Technologies and its own able team of Technologists and Engineers.

Mpower Range of Fuels